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Shandong Jiejing Group Participated in FI Europe

On Nov.28 to 30, marketing director of Shandong Jiejing Group, Liu Jun, led a sales team to participate in the European International Food Ingredients and Technology Exhibition (Fi Europe) held in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is hosted by the globally renowned UBM International Media company and is currently one of the largest professional exhibitions in the world. It brings together food ingredient suppliers, ingredient technology exporters, and food ingredient purchasers.

Shandong Jiejing Group Participated in FI Europe

This exhibition is the first food exhibition held after the COVID-19. Shandong Jiejing Group focused on promoting the leading food grade Sodium alginate, Fucoxanthin, Fucoidin, PGA,, Potassium alginate and other products, and conducted in-depth communication and negotiation with a number of foreign partners and intended customers, laying a good foundation for further development of the international market.

Since the COVID-19 was effectively controlled at the end of 2022, Shandong Jiejing Group has actively participated in series of exhibitions at home and abroad, promoted the "Jiejing" brand with the help of well-known exhibition platforms, improved the corporate image and promoted the sales of products.