Company Culture


As the tides of the times go in and out, we have undergone numerous ups and downs in the past 50 years.

Time is like a magnificent and great river which never ends, and motivate us to continuously move forward.

It is like a relay-race to run a company.

We have to be fearless when we race against time and never give in when we fight for the market share.

Fifty years ago, with the development of Chinese national industry.

We take the mission of the times courageously and started our business in a tough business environment and usher in to the new era of “blue economy” with our nerves of iron.

In the past 50 years, we remain true to our earliest passion for the ocean.

We foresee the future of the industry and keep innovating in the long and tortuous quest.

We made rapid progress in marine science and technology with tremendous courage.

50 years later, we keep practicing our commitment of developing marine economy.

We bear our nation’s dream in mind and make our company globalized with an opening-up vision of diversification.

With the beliefs accumulated in years, we will stick to our Jiejing Value of “serving the people with our quality seaweed products”.

Values: Value life with Jiejing

Goal Orientation: The Practical Entrepreneurship of Business Officers, and the Sustainable and Long-term Development

The concept of employing people: having both morals and talents, making the best use of talents

Behavioral concept: Loyalty, Collaboration, Learning, Beyond

Work philosophy: love and dedication, mutual assistance and cooperation, courage to take responsibility, and efficient execution

Management philosophy: people-oriented, pursuit of excellence

Safety concept: everyone is responsible for safe production

Marketing concept: integrity and mutual benefit, win-win cooperation

Quality concept: Jiejing products, best quality

Service concept: zero distance service

Technological innovation concept: innovation leads the future