Social Responsibility


Shandong Jiejing Group has always focused on strengthening the construction of a culture of integrity, operating in compliance with the law, and paying taxes with integrity; actively participating in public welfare, undertaking social responsibilities, and establishing a good corporate image.

Over the years, Shandong Jiejing Group has successively made donations to Rizhao No. 1 Middle School, Filial Piety Fund, Nursing Homes, etc.; sponsored large-scale workplace recruitment TV programs "Win in Rizhao", China Rizhao Ocean International Music Festival; established Jiejing inspirational in some colleges and universities Scholarships, donations and materials for destitute workers, free kelp polysaccharide block "The Story of Algae" to diabetics recommended by Rizhao City Federation of Trade Unions and China Canada International, and covered all medical examination expenses. These acts of kindness have been received by mainstream media and widespread attention and recognition of the general public.

In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, we will make every effort to strengthen the daily prevention and control during holidays and festivals, and promptly formulate and issue the Work Plan for Inspection and Preventive Disinfection of Imported High-Risk Non-Cold Chain Container Cargo, emergency response and drill work plans, and make sure of it. Pay attention to normalized epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, and actively donate anti-epidemic materials.

Adhering to the recruitment of young students from colleges and universities, which can solve the employment pressure for the society, provided better employment positions and development space for young students, and achieved a win-win situation for enterprises and employees.

With the support and help of superior leaders and departments, we found the Rizhao Seaweed Industry Association. While realizing the development of the smart marine industry, we should rationally develop marine resources, make a plan for the development of the seaweed industry, and continuously promote the Rizhao seaweed industry to a high-quality level, better development of high-end industries such as algae breeding, seaweed refining, active substance extraction, and high-value terminal products, build R&D and engineering demonstration bases, stretch the industrial chain, and achieve maximum utilization of seaweed biological resources.