With the tenet of shaping the Jiejing culture of "integrity, harmony, innovation and efficiency", grasping the opportunities of the blue economy, accelerating the transformation of the development mode as the main line, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the upgrading of process technology and the structural adjustment of products as the carrier, adhere to the principle of sustainable development. On the road of sustainable development, maintain the sound and rapid development of the enterprise, and build a diversified and group-based large-scale enterprise covering the three major industrial parks of marine biological industrial park, marine health food industrial park, and logistics industrial park (including seaweed logistics).

The chairman speech

Let’s Create Resplendence Hand in Hand

With 50 years’ innovation and development, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation has developed into a multi-enterprise group of ocean-chemical, bio-chemical, pharmaceutical products foodstuff, health-care products, import & export trade, petty loan, foreign investment and scientific research. Now JIEJING has grown up a group of vibrant, high-quality talents to forge ahead, we have the normalized management system, wholesome quality management system, rich ability of product development, the growing marketing network and professional service. We have also gotten amount of supports from various circles of society.

In order to better serve to the society, we will continue to promote the company’s culture of “thinking of danger in time of peace, practicing frugality, honesty and harmonious, innovative and efficient”, take “technological innovation and people orientation” as the basic principle., advocate the sales idea of “honesty and mutual benefits” and focus on the environmental protection concept of “green, ecological protection, clean, civilization”. We will continue to take the path of sustainable development under the direction of low carbon economy and green economy, trying to build up a resource-saving and environment-friendly, and a healthy society-harmonized company. Aiming at building up the best seaweed processing base in our country, we will grasp the development chance of blue economic building, greatly develop the ocean economy and stripe forward to the fields like marine biotechnology, which is high, perfect and advanced. 

I would like to be on behalf of all members of Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation, to express our heartfelt thanks for the support and efforts from all the society.

Sincerely hope to keep on with the excellent relationship with various circles of society, we will make progress and create resplendence with you hand in hand.

President: Lin Hefeng

General Manager speech

To begin with a little known small factory in 1968, after more than 50 years’ development and progress, our company has grown to be a large market-risk-resistant and continuous-innovative group corporation. The corporation involves five major businesses of marine organisms, biological medicine, international trade, loan for financial and investment and seaweed logistics. 

The blue sea economy wind blows jiejing group to a wider platform. As the general manager, I fully confident that we will have a much brighter future with the helps and supports of all staffs and friends from all the world, together with the joint efforts of more than 1200 jiejing’s employees.

General Manager: Lin chengbin