Quality Control


The quality and safety of products directly affect the national economy and people's lives. Based on its own actual situation, Shandong Jiejing actively builds quality control measures from the aspects of quality management system, personnel control, inspection control, traceability, etc. to ensure that product quality is acceptable. Control, better fulfill its main responsibilities, and promote its own healthy and sustainable development.

Establish a sound quality management system: Improve the internal quality control specifications of the enterprise, clarify the authority, responsibilities and process control specifications of departments and personnel, and ensure that products meet relevant requirements. At the same time, implement the quality management system into each production link, effectively carry out quality monitoring and management activities, and promptly identify the risk problems existing in the process or process in each production link, and take effective measures to deal with it in a timely manner to effectively ensure the quality and safety of food.

Strictly control the quality of all aspects of food production: strictly inspect raw material suppliers, product package and arrival quality of raw material at the factory, formulate specific raw material quality management mechanisms and standards, and build a raw material traceability system to effectively ensure the quality and safety of raw materials. In the process of food production, it is not only necessary to regularly clean and maintain various equipment used in food production, but also to produce in strict accordance with relevant operating procedures.

Carry out inspection work based on product standards: set up intermediate control laboratories to conduct targeted inspections for process products, and provide first-hand reference data for production. When product quality is inspected, inspectors need to strictly follow product standards to carry out inspections work to ensure that the products are qualified to markets.

A traceability system has been established, which make quality control standards and traceability of the whole process of product production and delivery are standardized.