Safety Production


Shandong Jiejing Group earnestly implements the Production Safety Law and the laws and regulations related to production safety, and carries out production safety work. In order to establish and improve the long-term mechanism of production safety, The company established a safety committee, Under the leadership of the Safety Committee, carry out the following work safety management: formulate work safety objectives and tasks, Operation, rewards and punishments of the dual system of risk classification control and hidden trouble investigation and management, Safety production education and training, Establishment of safety production responsibility system, assessment, rewards and punishment, The compilation and change management of various production safety management systems, All-staff safety production liability insurance and personnel change management, Production safety fund withdrawal and input, Fire protection, emergency, labor protection and other equipment, facilities, supplies and other equipment, management, Recruitment, appointment and removal of operation and management personnel, Education, training, supervision and management of foreign construction parties, Communication and implementation of the documents issued by the superior, Change management and communication training of operating procedures and safety management system, Supervision of special dangerous operation activities such as emergency plan training, fire drill and limited space, Work safety and standardization construction and other work.