Environment Protection


Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation for the domestic production process extensive poor controllability, production efficiency and seaweed resources comprehensive utilization degree is low, poor product quality stability and other weak links, through technological innovation, change the existing backward production mode and management mode, the construction of new intelligent factory, seaweed intelligent production, promote industrial structure adjustment, leading the industry development trend. Through the application of industrialization, the production process monitoring and automatic production scheduling plan have been realized in the existing workshop, with the annual energy saving (calculated by standard coal) 6.3%, power saving 23.1%, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product reduced by 6.3%, and the qualified rate of products reaching 99%. Project implementation implements the algae refining industry production process of intelligent, automation, greatly reduce the enterprise energy consumption, improve production efficiency, for seaweed refining high quality development and enterprise transformation and upgrading to lay a solid foundation, promote seaweed farming, food, medicine, daily chemical and other related industries, eventually for the construction of resource-saving, environment-friendly Marine industry play its due contribution.

In terms of environmental protection, Shandong Jiejing Group has obtained the sewage discharge permit, and has strictly implemented the required monitoring projects and monitoring frequency. The sewage in the plant is discharged into the industrial wastewater centralized treatment plant, and then the standardized construction of the sewage discharge outlet can be realized according to the requirements of relevant documents. Relevant tests were conducted monthly. The storage process of general industrial solid waste meets the corresponding environmental protection requirements such as leakage prevention, rain prevention and dust prevention. Hazardous waste identification marks shall be set up in hazardous waste sites, conduct partition storage according to the types and characteristics of hazardous waste, and provide interception, diversion and collection facilities to prevent the diffusion of leaked substances to the external environment; the storage yard shall prevent wind, rain and sunscreen; the hazardous waste shall sign an agreement with qualified transfer units for timely transfer within the specified period.