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Jiejing Group held the 2023 annual forklift worker job skills competition

According to the full cooperation and cooperation between departments in the early stage, after careful consideration and review of the competition rules and scoring methods, and careful arrangements for the post skill competition process, the 2023 Forklift Worker Post Skills Competition was successfully held on April 7.

This skills competition is held to promote the cultivation of the company's skilled talents, adapt to the needs of enterprise development, promote the construction of the company's skilled talent echelon, and guide and drive the company's employees to learn skills and make contributions based on their positions. The competition was organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Administration, with the cooperation of the Production Department, Safety Department, Enterprise Development Department, Supervisory Committee and other departments. The majority of forklift workers actively participated and were successfully completed.

During the competition, all contestants fought bravely, worked hard, and fought hard with the spirit of not admitting defeat, which fully demonstrated the style of contemporary Jiejing people who dare to be the first and dare to compete. The proficient skills and professionalism fully reflect the good overall quality of the contestants and the spirit of fighting for the first place.

After strict, fair and impartial judgment by the judges and referees, Chi Hao, An Baikao from the packaging workshop, and Li Liang from the material department stood out from the 16 forklift workers who signed up for the competition, and won the top three in the competition.

Through this competition, the overall quality level of forklift workers has been improved, and all employees have been encouraged to work hard, adding new impetus to the century-old goal of Jiejing.