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Printing Paste

Printing Paste

Printing paste refers to the polymer compound as thickeners if added into printing color paste. Before adding into the printing color paste, the printing paste usually is the hydrophilic macromolecule thick colloidal solution or the oil/water type or water/oil type emulsion paste which is soluble in water or fully dispersive after fully swelling. When preparing the printing color paste, a part of dye will be dissolved in the water, and the other part will be dissolved, attached or dispersed into the original printing paste.


The printing paste is a main component of the printing color paste. It determines the printing operation performance, the surface color yield of the dyestuff, the fineness of the decorative pattern outline, etc. Generally, the printing paste is processed together with guar gum, tamarind gum and sodium alginate. 


Our company has developed series products of printing paste targeted, with sodium alginate as raw material according to the features of different fabrics.

Printing Paste


Poly woven bag, 25kgs/bag