Seaweed fertilizer



Brown algae polyphenol is a class of phenolic compounds extracted from brown algae and resortrol derivatives.

In algae, brown algae is a relatively advanced group of algae, is a filamentous or filogen plant algae containing brown pigment, a total of 240 genera and 1500 species, with large individual, high yield, wide distribution and other characteristics, is a very striking class of algae. In the numerous economic resources of coastal varieties, brown algae occupy a significant position and become one of the three major economic seaweed in China. Traditionally, the comprehensive utilization of brown algae products include brown algae gum, mannitol, iodine, etc. In the past 20 years, with the deepening research of the secondary metabolite —— polyphenolic compound (phlorotannins), the unique biological activity has attracted increasing attention.

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